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Iguazu Night in Puerto Iguazu Argentina - Package


One of the advantages of visiting Foz do Iguazu is the opportunity to get to know several different cultures. Distinct cultures, but living in harmony with their customs, myths and rites.

During the day, you have the opportunity to see the main attractions like the Falls, the Itaipu Dam, the Macuco Safari, Bird Park, among others as well as shopping in Ciudad del Este, Paraguay. But the evening takes place in Puerto Iguazu, Argentina. The nearby town of Foz do Iguacu is a safe and friendly place that offers several options to tourists during the day and night. This charming town is composed of bars (pubs), restaurants, markets, shops and open-air market where you can buy cheese, wine, preserves, alfajores, among others. The city has differentiated business hours, where service is prevalent at night, offering many attractions that blend perfectly with an exciting evening.

The center of Puerto Iguazú is only a twenty- minute drive from downtown Foz do Iguacu.

Explore the night in Argentina with all the services that Loumar Tourism has to offer.

Choose the Package "Iguazu Night" of Loumar Tourism Tour Operator. A tourist route to Puerto Iguazu, Argentina with transportation (round trip), visiting the Three Borders Landmark, Argentine, shopping trip in the heart of Puerto Iguazú and dinner with live music in the restaurant "El Quincho”.

The transport of the "Iguazu Night" sets off form the hotels in Foz doo Iguazu and the the first destination is the Lookout of the Three Borders Landmark Argentina, where it is possible to have a privileged view of Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay simultaneously, and still observe the meeting of the Rivers Iguazu and Parana. On site, there is a stall of indigenous handicrafts and tourist souvenirs.

The next spot is Brazil Avenue. Relax, you have not left Argentina. Like in Foz do Iguazu, this is the name of the main avenue for shopping in Puerto Iguazu. Here visitors will find a myriad of options in clothing (like leather jackets, sweaters Kashmiri, articles for football) and wide variety of food and drink at prices much below the Brazilian market. On the food section, standing out is the cold (cheese, salami) and sweets (alfajores).

The last stop is for a delicious dinner at an Argentine restaurant, El Quincho, which offers three choices of main dishes and dessert. Dinner is included in the cost of package. Drinks are extra, but a good hint is to try a wide range of fine Argentine wine or soft drinks. Check out the dinner details:

-Sausage, Salad, Bread and a tuna with special sauce;

Main Course: 3 items (choose one):
- Steak and chips Beef de Chorizo
- grilled Surubi with a portion of rice
- Grilled Meat

- Ice Cream
- Mousse

Departure: daily at 19h at the Bella Italia Hotel. We pick you up from the hotel you are staying! Refer to the departure time and make a reservation at the Loumar Tourism counter of your hotel or by Telephone: (45) 3521-4000.

Duration: approximately 4 hours.

Visit Puerto Iguazú and stay in the network of hotels in Foz do Iguazu. The Loumar Tourism Tour Operator has ‘Tourist Passports’ that include special tours and excursions at promotional prices.


El Quincho in Puerto Iguazu

El Quincho in Puerto Iguazu

El Quincho in Puerto Iguazu

El Quincho in Puerto Iguazu